Class (student:teacher) Ages Level Description Cost (per month)
Cheer Prep 1 (8:1) 3-9 yr. beginning cheerleading Learn basic jumps, motions, and basic tumbling. $60
Cheer Prep 2 (8:1) 8-18 yr. advanced cheerleading Learning jump sequences, dance, cheers, stunting, and basic tumbling skills. $60
Beginning Tumbling (7:1) 3-10 yr. beginning Learning the basic tumbling skills such as cartwheels, handstands, front and back rolls, and round offs. $60
Intermediate Tumbling (8:1)** 5-18 yr. beginning tumbling experience required Skill focus will include Round – off handspring connection, multiple hand spring connection, back and front tuck. $60-1 hr / $85-1.5 hr
Advanced Tumbling (8:1)** 8-18 yr. intermediate tumbling experience required They will perfect front and back tucks, layouts, full twisting layout and more. $60-1 hr / $85-1.5 hr
T&T Class (8:1) 5-18 yr. The purpose of this program is to introduce athletes to the specific equipment routines a competitive tumbler would use. $60
Preschool Tumbling (7:1) 2-5 yr. beginning preK They will learn the basic fundamental skills for tumbling such as rolls, cartwheels, handstands and so on. $60
Early Development (7:1) 2-5 yr. advanced preK Tumbling skills include working round offs, back walk overs, front walk overs, backhand springs and so on. $60
Strength and Conditioning (10:1) This class is a work out class to build strength in your arms, legs, core, and other areas. This will help the student become stronger for the skills that they are learning. $60
Flight Class (4:1) This class is for students who would like to get better on their stunting skills. There is partner stunting which involves 2 people, the base and the flyer. $60
Future Elite (5:1) advanced This program is for competitive cheerleaders and is invite only. You must have a back walk over, learning back handspring or already have a back handspring. $75
Elite (5:1) advanced This program is for competitive cheerleaders and is invite only. You must have at least a round off two back hand spring, or learning your back tuck. $75
Mini Show Team (12:1) 8 yr & under beginning This is a non-competitive team that goes to competitions to get them introduced to competitive cheer. It is a fun class for those little ones who would like be a part of a team. $90 .
Cheer Level 1 Team(10:2) beginning This is our competitive level 1 team and you must have a back walk over or front walk over to be on this team. $150
Cheer Level 2 Team(15:2) intermediate This is our competitive level 2 team and you must have a standing back handspring, running round off back handspring. $150
Cheer Level 3 Team (15:2) advanced This is our competitive level 3 team and you must have round off 3 or more back handspring, round off tuck, and round back handspring back tuck. $150

** For each tumbling program (Intermediate and Advanced) it’s required for the athlete to maintain and excel within each program. If the athlete is failing to maintain the skills and excel in each discipline being learned, the athlete might be asked to step back in a program to master skills before they can move to a more difficult discipline. For the safety of the athlete, this decision will be made by the coach and discussed with the parent or guardian.