All Star Prep

Teams consist of up to 36 athletes performing exciting, professionally choreographed 2 minute routines set to music.

Our teams compete against other All Star Prep teams from across the nation at a full schedule of competitions between December and May each year, with most teams attending 3 to 4 events with one of those events being NCA All Star Prep Nationals

Team schedules vary. Some teams travel extensively to major competitions, while some primarily compete locally.

Teams are set up by age-group and TxPA offers options to suit every athlete. The age groups offered are: Tiny (3-5yrs), Mini (6-8yrs), Youth (9-11yrs), Junior (12-14yrs), Senior (15-18yrs) & Open (17yrs+).

Teams also compete at specific difficulty levels ranging from level 1 for beginners, up to level 3 for athletes with deeper skills. Our training program is designed to help athletes develop their skills and move to higher levels as they grow in the sport.

All star Prep is a great way for children and young people to improve fitness and co-ordination, as well as, endurance and over all physical condition.

It is also a great environment for developing confidence and self esteem as well as developing positive life skills, personal values, sportsmanship and teamwork. Check out our program further now.

All Star Prep Cheer

All Star Prep Cheerleading is a progression into the sport of Competitive All Star Cheerleading.  All Star Cheer Prep is a less time and cost entensive than All Star Cheer and is a great program for those athletes that want more than sideline cheer, but have time constraits that prohibit them enrolling in All Star Cheer.

It’s unlike high school or most college cheerleading programs because there are no games to cheer at, no spirit-raising, and most of the cheerleaders on each team will not even go the same school.

Competitive  cheerleading is all about the competition and you and your team being  the very best for 2mins on the mat at that moment in time.

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